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Five Steps to Sales Success
At The Next Level we apply our 5 Tenets of Success to a sales training program that has produced consistent and extraordinary results for our clients.


Set Expectations for Results
The Next Level begins each sales training and coaching project with a “Commitment Meeting” at which all key stakeholders are present.  Senior management sets expectations for results and establishes measurable project goals, timelines, and responsibilities.

Instill an unwavering commitment and enlist involvement from all key players
At the Commitment Meeting,  each key executive pledges to stay the course until the desired outcomes of the sales training program are realized.

Gain Buy-In At All Levels, From the Top Down
At this early stage in the project, each senior leader makes his or her individual commitment to the long-term success of the sales team and agrees to advocate for the initiative for the long term

Best Practices

Best Practices
Identify and Document Top Performer Skills, Behaviors, and Attitudes
The Next Level consultants spend significant time with the client team members who perform the job at the highest level.  The Next Level documents sales skills, attitudes, behaviors, and activity levels until it is clear which best practices are common across top performers.

Build a Sales Training Program Based on Top Performer Methods and Practices
The Next Level synthesizes best practices content into a transferable format that can be learned by sales people and customer service people at all levels.  The customized sales training program content is typically a combination of company, industry, and cross-industry best practices.

Transfer Best Practices to All Team Members Via e-Learning & Instructor Led Training
Sales training program content is transferred to every person in the organization who “does the job” via a blended approach of pre-and post event e learning and instructor led training.

Managers Participate in Instructor Led Training to Build Coaching Skills
The managers participate in a customized best practices sales coaching program.  The coaching program teaches follow-up skills and accountability so that managers are able to reinforce best practices, drive performance improvement and train new employees.

Managers Transfer Best Practices to Top Performers
Managers become credible experts at doing the job and at teaching the job so that they can continue to coach their sales people or customer service associates toward performance improvement around key metrics.

Managers Receive Coaching to Hold Team Members Accountable to Execute Best Practices
As the initiative launches, The Next Level consultants have a follow-up plan with managers to assure managers are holding their team accountable.


Managers are Trained to Execute the Coaching Game Plan
The Next Level consultants spend time individually with managers and “do their job with them” to “coach the coach” and ensure proper follow-up.

We Follow Up With Managers to Share Challenges, Success, and Best Practices
The Next Level hosts conference calls on which senior management and managers participate to share new best practices through the follow up stages of the project.  Summaries of each call are documented and distributed to all team members.

Through Follow-up, We Keep Managers On Track, Staying the Course
and Overcoming Obstacles

The Next Level maintains a clear focus on the top performing behaviors in your sales people, service people, and managers until best practices become habitual and built into the team culture.


Create Urgency Around the Most Critical Metrics
The Next Level continues to check in and hold key managers accountable for driving performance in the key areas.

Promote the Visibility of These Important Metrics and Results Through
All Levels of the Organization

On conference calls, by e-mail, in one-on-one goal setting meetings and on a scoreboard, every team member shares his or her results.  This consistent clarity is key to performance improvement.


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