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There is a story told about the Texas Rangers. It happened around the turn of the century. One of the wild gangs that roamed the Old West took over a small Texas town. They show up the bar, threatened the citizens, and drove the sheriff out of town.

In desperation, the town's mayor telegraphed the governor, pleading that he send a detachment of Texas Rangers to right the situation.

The governor agreed that the problem called for the famous Rangers. The governor promised that a detachment would be on the next day's train.

The major himself met the train on which the Rangers were to arrive.

Unbelievably, only one Ranger got off the train.

"Where are the rest of the Rangers?" Asked the major.

"There aren't any," was the answer.

"How can one Ranger handle the gang?" Asked the major indignantly.

"Well, there's only one gang, isn't there?" Replied the Ranger.


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