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A young man traveled to Arabia where he found a job as a horse thief. He was good at it too. But one day he got caught and the penalty for stealing horses there is death. The local sheik took pity on him though because he was such a nice looking young chap.

So he said to him, "My son we will consider sparing your life, but only if you can pass three tests. Out there in the desert are three tents. In the first tent are 20 bottles of our strongest wine. You have exactly 30 minutes do drink all 20 bottles. If you pass the test you must immediately go to the second tent where there is a fierce Bengal tiger with an impacted wisdom tooth. You have exactly 30 minutes to remove the wisdom tooth with your bare hands. If you pass the second test you must proceed to the third tent, where there is a beautiful princess. You will have 30 minutes to make mad passionate love to the princess. Do you choose to take the test?"

The young man thought about his alternative and agreed. The sheik said,

"Let the tests begin."

The young man raced into the first tent. You could hear the corks in the wine bottles popping and the gurgling sound as he drank them down. Just before the 30 minutes time limit had expired the 20th bottle was finished and he came staggering out of the tent.

He was led to the 2nd tent. Within seconds there were growls, screeches and roars coming from the tent, which had to be heard to be believed. Sand was flying all over the place. Just before the 30 minutes time limit he lurched out of the tent with .

He was cut, bruised and bleeding, but he was still operating.

"All right," he said, "where is the beautiful princess with the impacted wisdom tooth?"

- Unknown

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