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A very wealthy man bought a huge ranch in Arizona and invited some of his closer associates to see it. After touring the 1,500 acres of mountains, rivers, and grasslands, he took everybody to the house. The house was as spectacular as the scenery. In the back of the house was the largest swimming pool they had ever seen. However, it was filled with alligators. The owner explained:

"I value courage more than anything. It is what made me a billionaire. I value courage so much that if anyone has the courage to jump in that pool and swim to the other side, I will give them whatever they want, my land, my house, my money, anything."

Of course, everybody laughed at the challenge and turned to follow the owner into the house for lunch. Suddenly they heard a splash. Turning around they saw a guy splashing and thrashing into he water, swimming for his life as the alligators swarmed after him. After several death defying seconds, the man made it unharmed to the other side. The rich billionaire was amazed but he stuck to his promise.

He said, "You are a man of courage, you can have any thing you want, house, money, land, etc., whatever you want is yours."

The swimmer, breathing heavily, looked up and said, "I just want to know who pushed me in the pool."


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