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A ship was headed to its destination and it saw a light in the distance. The Captain of the ship radioed ahead and said, "We are headed your way. Change your course 10 degrees south."
The signal came back, "You change 10 degrees north." The captain signaled, "I am the captain, you change your course 10 degrees south." The signal came back, "I am a seaman first class. You change10 degrees north." The captain radios back, "I am the Captain of the mighty battleship, the U.S.S. Missouri; you change your course 10 degrees south." The signal came back, "I am in a lighthouse. You might want to change 10 degrees north."

Point: Everybody wants the
other person to change.
Sometimes we need to change
ourselves. If we do, everything
else might change with it.

Critical Points: A lot of times
we want our boss to change,
economy, recession, good or bad
"we want the world to change."
We need to become the captain of
our own things, maybe change the
way we do things, change our
attitude, or the way we look at

- Stories and Anecdotes
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