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This prospector was digging for gold without any luck so he decided to go into town and be good to himself and have a shot of whiskey. He tied his mule to the hitching post and headed into the saloon for a drink.

About this time a drunken cowboy staggered out of the bar and said, "Prospector, can you dance?"

The prospector said "no."

The cowboy fired a bullet into ground by the prospector's feet and the prospector started to dance. Every time he stopped dancing, the cowboy fired another bullet into the ground. After the sixth bullet was fired, the prospector went to his mule, got his shotgun and held it under the cowboy's chin and said, "Cowboy, have you ever kissed a mule?"

And the cowboy said, "No, but I've always wanted to."

You can force people to do things, but they will not have a great attitude towards you.

- Unknown

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