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Two pirates run into each other and after the initial greeting, one says to the other, "My god, Angus, what happened to you?" "

"I guess you're taking about my pegged leg."

"I certainly am."

"Well, the other day I was out on the rigging and fell into the water. Before I could get back on the ship's deck a shark got me and now I've got the peg."

"What happened to your arm?" "

"Oh, you're referring to the hook. Well, I ran into a young swashbuckler recently and you know how it is.

We started to fight and since I'm not swashing and buckling as well as I once did, he got my right arm. Now it's the hook."

"And what about your eye?"

"You're referring to the patch over my eye. I was up in the crow's nest and a pigeon dropped on my eye and put it out."

"Well, I can understand your losing your leg to the sharks and possibly your right arm in duel with a younger man, but I cannot see why the dropping of the pigeon would cause you to lose the sight of your eye."

"It can if that's the first day with the hook!"

- Unknown

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