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This farmer had a plow mule named Sam that was the apple of his eye. They had a wonderful relationship until the day the farmer awoke to find his beloved plow mule missing. He was very disturbed and searched all over. He discovered that during the night, Sam had walked through a hole in the fence and had fallen into an old well in his next door neighbor's farm. He fretted and stewed and did not know what to do. He could not dig a ramp or gear a pulley, so he decided to bury his old plow mule Sam down in the well.

He threw a shovel full of dirt down the well. It landed on Sam and Sam shook it off and stepped up.

He threw more down and each time Sam shook it off and stepped up again.

After a while, Sam stepped up and out of his problems and went on to lead a very rich and full life as a plow mule.

How does that relate to us?

Life throws dirt on us every day. Whether we are happy or not depends on how we shake it off.

- Unknown

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