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A computer salesman was on stand-by at the airport. Finally his name was called to take the last seat on the airplane. His luck was magnificent when he saw who his seat mate was for the two hour trip - a stunning woman whose reading glasses did not veil her beauty and whose severely tailored business suit did not succeed in concealing her voluptuous figure. He tried to engage her in polite conversation about the weather but only received a stare for his efforts. The salesman continued, trying topic after topic.

Finally, the women put down her work and said, "Look, I'm very busy and besides I'm very particular about men."

The salesman asked, "Well what do you look for?"

"There are three types that attract me: American Indians for one - they are so strong and reputed to possess great stamina. I guess I'm also attracted to Jewish men. They are good listeners, sensitive to a woman's moods and very generous. And then I guess I like doctors because they know so much about a woman's body." "By the way," she added, "my name is Sylvia Williams, what's yours?"

He thought quickly and said, "Tonto Bernstein, M.D."

Well, tonight we honor someone who doesn't have to falsify his credentials because he has all the right qualifications.

- Frank Bettger
How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling

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