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These two people got married and it was their honeymoon night. They were the perfect couple, he was 6'5" tall and she was 5'6" tall. The husband decided to take charge as they undressed and asked his wife to put on his pants.

She said, "No they're too big."

He said "please", but she declined.

He said this will be the only time he would ever ask her to do this and she finally agreed. She pulled the waist up to her neck and let them drop to the floor. She said, "I can't wear your pants."

The husband said, "That's right. I wear the pants in the family. And as long as you understand that, this marriage is off to a good start,"

She said okay and asked him to try on her underwear.

He refused.

She told him, "I went by your wishes and put on your pants, so you have to wear mine."

He finally agreed and tried to put them on. He got them halfway up one leg and gave up and said, "Honey, I'll never be able to get into your panties."

She said, "That's exactly right and until you get your attitude straight, you never will!"

- Unknown

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