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I kept a record one time of more than five thousand interviews to try to find out why people bought, or failed to buy. In 62 percent of the cases, the original objection raised against buying was not the real reason at all. I found that only 38 percent of the time did the prospect give me the real reason for not buying.

Why is that? Why will people – substantial people – perfectly honest in every other way, mislead and misrepresent facts to sales people? That's something it took me a long time to understand.

The late J. Pierpont Morgan, Sr., one of the shrewdest business men in all history, once said: "A man generally has two reasons for doing a thing – one that sounds good, and a real one." Keeping those records for several years certainly proved to me the truth of this statement. So I began experimenting to find some way that I might determine whether the reason was real or merely one that sounded good.

Eventually I hit on a simple little phrase that produced surprising results and which has literally been worth thousand of dollars to me. It's common everyday phrase. That's why it's good. That Phrase is: "In addition to that …"

- Frank Bettger
How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling

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