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A burglar broke into a house late at night. Cautiously he made his way through the pitch black rooms. Suddenly he heard an ominous voice in the darkness, "Jesus is watching you!"

Startled, the burglar stopped for a moment, then hearing nothing more, he continued. After several seconds again, he heard the voice, "Jesus is watching you!"

The burglar stopped in his tracks, turned on his flashlight and in the corner of a room saw a parrot sitting on a perch. With his light shining on the parrot, once again the bird warned, "Jesus is watching you!"

The now unafraid and even disdainful burglar said sarcastically to the parrot, "Can't you say anything else?" At which point the burglar's flashlight picked up the outline of a ferocious Doberman Pincer standing next to the parrot's perch, as the parrot replied, "Sic him, Jesus!"

- Unknown

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