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Selling Is Everyone's Business: What It Takes to Create a Great Salesperson

Selling Is Everyone's Business:  What It Takes to Create a Great Salesperson
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Our Highly Acclaimed Sales Coaching Book!
Selling Is Everyone's Business: What It Takes to Create a Great Salesperson, co-authored by The Next Level's own Steve Johnson, is a practical, readable, and fun guide to nurturing your inner sales coach. It is based on the authors experience working with thousands of sales teams and sales coaches.

The book's format-packed with dialogue scripts, charts, templates, and colorful real-life examples will reassure you that great sales coaching is a very learnable skill.

Organizations know that the quickest way to improve their salespeople is to improve their sales coaches because the coaches have the most leverage – when a sales coach improves, her salespeople improve, writes Johnson. The challenge is that for most coaching is a vague, intangible, and nebulous concept. So like other challenging topics, there are a lot of theories out there, but few proven-effective best practices. This guide makes coaching specific and tangible, and puts it into a simple format that can be most easily executed.

Our Selling Philosophy

Selling Really Is Everyone's Business – Including Yours.

Want to make yourself valuable at work? Learn to sell, sell, sell. Want to make yourself indispensable? Teach and coach others to sell, sell, sell÷and sell some more. That's right. Nothing is more important to a company than bringing in revenue, and no one brings in the revenue like a good sales coach. Become the best one you can possibly be and you'll always have a place in 21st century Corporate America.

That's the message we share with audiences, organizations, and individuals alike. (We even wrote a book about it!) It's a philosophy we at The Next Level live by and are constantly seeking clients who embrace this philosophy as well. Smart companies know that an ability to develop the men and women who bring in the bucks may be the one and only edge they have in our fiercely competitive economy.

By helping your salespeople become superb sales coaches, you not only empower them as individuals, you enrich your company in a profound way. Interested? Explore our website to learn all the ways we teach this critical skill. Or give us a call at 310-643-7700. We hope to hear from you soon

See what some of our clients had to say
about Selling Is Everyone's Business

Close your door. Shut down your e-mail. Let voice mail catch your calls. You're going to want to give this book your full attention. It'll take an hour of your time (okay, maybe two), but it may be the most fruitful hour (or two) you've ever spent. Follow the authors' advice and you can transform your career and maybe your entire company.
Matt Howard,
Pacific Northwest Divisional Director,
Premier Banking and Investments,
Bank of America

Selling Is Everyone's Business demonstrates very well the importance of not going at it alone in sales. The tools in this book will help any sales professional increase his or her effectiveness as a seller and as a sales coach. This step-by-step guide will help you develop a structured plan that will improve your skills and those of the teammates around you.
Matt Darrah,
Senior Vice President of
North America Operations,
Enterprise Rent-A-Car

I believe everyone wants to be led, regardless of ego, seniority, or expertise level. People are motivated to be led by passionate people. This coaching process gives potential leaders the prescription, tools, resources, and methodology for getting to that level of great, passionate leadership. If you don't change your behaviors after reading this book, then shame on you.
Tom Seitz,
Senior Vice President, Managing Director,
Wealth Advisory Services,
Piper Jaffray

To motivate salespeople, you must be able to truly understand what makes them tick and what they are passionate about! It takes some managers years to learn this skill. Read Selling Is Everyone's Business and you will become a master motivator of your sales team a heck of a lot faster.
Greg Stubblefield,
President of California and Hawaii,
Enterprise Rent-A-Car

I knew that I would enjoy Selling Is Everyone's Business. I saw how the authors work with sales leaders and knew they had street cred. But the book surpassed my expectations. Anyone who sells for a living or coaches front-line salespeople must read this book.
Tony Rutigliano,
VP/Chief Learning Officer,
Automatic Data Processing (ADP)

Is selling really everyone's business? When you consider what would happen without the efforts of the men and women who keep the money flowing in, you've got to admit the answer is yes. Johnson and Shaivitz have written an outstanding guide to motivating these key players and helping them excel beyond their (and your) wildest dreams.
Managing Director at a Leading Global Private Bank

Download Sample Chapter (PDF)
Chapter 7 – Selling Is Everyone's Business:
What It Takes to Create a Great Salesperson

Buying & Ordering Info
Selling Is Everyone's Business: What It Takes to Create a Great Salesperson
(Wiley, April 2006, ISBN: 0-471-77673-4, $24.95) is available at bookstores nationwide, major online booksellers, or direct from the publisher by calling 800-225-5945. In Canada, call 800-567-4797.

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