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The Next Level Sales Consulting consistently delivers sustainable business performance improvement to our clients. We accomplish this through our unique delivery methods which include intense and highly interactive training and relentless follow-up that ensures adoption and accountability across the organization.

What We Do
The Next Level Sales Consulting provides corporate sales training and consulting to sales organizations, customer service organizations, and call centers. We focus relentlessly on boosting the key metrics that matter most to your business.

Simply put - it's unwvering execution, Next Level results.

Example sales training program goals include:
Increase sales and profitability
Transition a service organization to a sales organization
Improve sales coaching, accountability, and follow up skills of leadership team, sales managers, and customer service managers
Transfer best practices to everyone on the sales team
Increase business with existing customers
Improve sales team morale and retention
Improve productivity per salesperson
Shorten the sales cycle
Improve conversion rate over phone or face-to-face

Each of these initiatives are achieved through a customized corporate sales training program based around company, industry, and cross-industry relevant best practices. The performance improvement plan typically consists of the following steps:
Senior management commitment meeting
Identify top performer best practices at all levels
Develop a customized training program (instructor-led training and e-learning) with client involvement and feedback
Perform sales skill training for salespeople and/or customer service representatives, sales managers and service managers
Conduct Sales Coaching for Managers training on how to reinforce best practices and drive Next Level results
Follow through with sales managers to ensure lasting execution
Scoreboard to quantify results and to hold people accountable to execute the performance improvement plan
Measure specific results to determine the return on investment

Learn more about The Next Level's sales coaching for managers, sales training programs, or hire a keynote speaker.

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