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"With regard to commitment from the top, The Next Level helped us operationalize the initiative we were looking to accomplish. By starting at the top, The Next Level enabled us to engage our organization at all three critical levels: developing financial advisors, branch managers, and mid-tier producers. Commitment from the top is the foundation for our program's success. We have engaged completely and The Next Level has cascaded through our organization.

Additionally, the Next Level's process with scoreboarding, follow-up calls, and coaching calls gives us the ability to measure what we are managing. Organizations that don't do this are kidding themselves."

–Senior Vice President and Director of Wealth Advisory Services Financial Services

The Next Level created "The Maly's Way" sales training and coaching program, which is now a pillar of our organization. All of our people are involved in the Maly's Way and the commitment is from the top down.

When The Next Level created The Maly's Way, they customized it to our company and our industry so that it includes real examples in our words. This makes the program something that our people can implement, whether they have been in our industry for two weeks or twenty years.

Having the managers involved in the development is a huge benefit because the program becomes theirs, they own it and are bought in. Then, teaching them to coach their people beyond the initial training has been huge in boosting our performance."

–President, Beauty Supply Distributor covering the Western US with over 200 Sales Consultants

The Next Level's execution, from consulting perceptive, has been better than anyone we have ever partnered with.  

It all starts at the top. Our people say that the sales coaching training they received from The Next Level has been the best Leadership Development they have ever had.

-Vice President of a leading car rental company

"Cost of gas each day = $15….The Next Level Training = Priceless"

–Vice President of Sales for a leading media services provider

"Five months after The Next Level completed their sales training with our organization, we recorded our most successful sales month in the history of our organization….52% over same month, previous year"

"The Next Level has helped create a new sales culture within our organization based on activity, accountability, and results"

"I strongly recommend The Next Level for any sales organization whose first priority is growth!"

"The Next Level helped revitalize our entire sales organization by developing innovative strategic selling skills based on action and accountability"

"No other sales training organization has helped us achieve the results we have had through The Next Level. The Next Level trainers deploy an effective and fun learning environment"

"The Next Level listened intently to our sales leaders, analyzed what made us successful and developed a customized training program based on best practices. The Next Level is not ‘out of the can' sales skills training"

"It is never easy to determine where you spend your money when you're trying to make your company sales grow, but, I can truly say that after these two days of training, I believe that the investment was a wise one."

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