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CLIENT AT&T Consumer Markets Group
San Ramon, CA

  To improve the sales coaching skills of the 400 sales managers and coach leaders of the Consumer Markets Group in the state of California that work in their customer care centers

OVERVIEW   AT&T is the industry leading communications and entertainment provider for over 100, 000, 000 customers worldwide.  In the state of California they service their customers with 400 coach leaders that coach and develop the customer service and selling skills over 4,000 Service Representatives. This team is responsible for answering almost 30,000,000 calls every year and every one of these calls creates an opportunity to deliver unmatched customer service and to offer suitable products and services that would benefit their customers. AT&T wanted even greater alignment at all levels of sales leadership in the way that every member of the sales team was coached and managed. The Next Level introduced a sales coaching system that focused on:
  • One on one goal setting meetings
  • Delivering feedback
  • Sales meetings
  • Performance coaching
  • Teaching selling skills of top performers to every one else on the sales team

OBJECTIVES   The primary objective of the project is to provide the General Managers, Associate Sales Directors and Coach Leaders with a consistent sales coaching process that was aligned with the company vision, priorities and goals that was transferable to all sales leaders at all levels. The second objective of the project was to further develop a sales culture that holds every member of the sales team accountable for offering AT&T products and services on every call that makes sense for the customer. Following this sales coaching training, The Next Level initiated a 3-month follow-up plan to monitor, coach and reinforce execution of the sales coaching process.

RESULTS   In the first three months of execution on the project the results were:
  • Dish sales are up 131%
  • AT&T Wireless sales are up 162%
  • DSL sales are up 127%

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